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Branch of Agrarian Federation Argentina

Through the history of the humanity the institutions have arisen by innumerable reasons, but often by exceeded reasons, and one of the reasons is when they are wanted to reinvindicar the rights of a town.

Parish Nuestra Señora del Rosario

Arequito is a town of solid religious faith. The Church is a fundamental pillar in the development of the community. In the past, in the present and to future, the presence of the parish like center of spiritual accomplishment of the people of Arequito, accompanies each daily act.

Communal astronomical observatory

The curiosity of the man to know what there is beyond his sky, has taken it to investigate in the space. The beauty of the universal taking dimension when the human eye is complemented with a telescope. Arequito offers to its inhabitants the admirable singularities of observacional astronomy, by means of the Communal Astronomical observatory.

General museum and Communal File Arequito

The past of the people of Arequito is treasure jealously guarded by the Communal Museum and General archives of Arequito. There it remains documented the history of the institutions and the neighbors of the town. Documents, objects and a bastion of sources of history is a landmark of the alive memory and the memory.

The Italian Society

The 15 of May of 1932 the Society Italian of Mutual Aids “Vittorio Emanuele III”, from Arequito, inaugurated the Cinema Theater Rossini, considered one of most important of the province by its appearance, its dimensions and the wonderful acoustics. The name of the building was put in tribute the talented musician Italian Joaquin Rossini, known also like the Cisne de Pesaro.

Cultural Center and Museológico Railroad Club Arequito

It is a conformed civil institution by neighbors of Arequito, that has like purpose the preservation and diffusion of the patrimony historical railroader and the promotion of the culture.

Radio ham

A radio ham is a person properly authorized which one is interested in the radio technician with individual character, without aims of profit, and that makes with its station a service of instruction, intercommunication and of technical studies.

Integral cooperative of Limited Communities

The one that today is Cooperative Integral of the Communities Limited, it has its origin in the Box of Arequito Credits.


It is an organization no governmental, democratic, basically constituted by children and young people, who we shared objective to improve the quality of life of the population. Its actions to buscandar answer to the problematic ones that they affect the atmosphere and the health in communities where we lived and where we worked so that the population becomes jumbled in the generation of the changes that will allow to obtain healthful atmospheres. We, the children and young people, looked for to acquire a citizen roll that he allows to contribute us to construction of sustentabilidad in the local space and to be valid interlocutors front to others social actors.

Voluntary firemen of Arequito

9 de Julio
Athletic club 9 de Julio

After 85 glorious years, they estan all together, like a great family, with more effort and sacrifice than ever, wishing that all the dreams project in a single reality: Club 9 de Julio follows and will follow still on.

Athletic Club Belgrano

Founded the 23 of March of 1923, it maintains lives the passion to plenary session and day to day, it continues incorporating more benefits for members of this great family. Sports, Colony of Vacations, Mutual, Service of Celebrations...

Grandparents Arequito Club

Moved by its pride they meet in a particular address and they solve to found a new institution. it was logical that there was to look for consensus not to fail. Founded the 24 of August of 1992; the one that of a family house the appropriate place has become to be able to offer what they seted out that group of enthusiastic leaders.